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What courses can I do?

There are many degree courses in which pharmacology and/or toxicology are taught, including Science, Medical Science, Pharmacy, Medicine, Veterinary Science and Dentistry. Students in Science and Medical Science courses can elect to study these subjects as majors. In the other degree courses, they are sometimes taught as compulsory components. There are a number of Departments of Pharmacology or Toxicology (which may sometimes be combined with other Departments) in Australia and New Zealand, and you can use this link to see a list of these Departments. As part of its commitment to assist academic departments in developing pharmacology curricula for different degree courses, ASCEPT has also been working towards developing core curricula that can be used as a guide by Departments when designing their own curricula.

NPS National Prescribing Curriculum web site

The NPS MedicineWise National Prescribing Curriculum for undergraduate students provides a series of 31 online case-based modules focussing on developing good prescribing skills. The original modules were developed jointly by NPS MedicineWise and ASCEPT.

Students can self-register to create an account and then complete the modules. NPS MedicineWise can provide reports to interested universities relating to student uptake of modules. Please contact NPS MedicineWise Online Learning Help Desk ( or phone (02) 8217 8642 for more information