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ASCEPT Lecturer

The ASCEPT Lectureship is awarded biennially to a member of ASCEPT who has made a significant and sustained contribution to the development of pharmacology and/or toxicology in Australasia.[eyesonly logged=”in”]

Nomination requirements
Membership in ASCEPT is a prerequisite for nomination as a candidate. There are no restrictions on the institutional affiliation or age of a candidate. Candidates must be nominated and seconded by 2 ASCEPT members. An ASCEPT member may not nominate, or second, more than one candidate in a year.

Judgement criteria
The award is made on the basis of the quality of the candidate’s published work and a supporting statement from the nominators. These will be judged by a special Award Committee appointed by the Executive of ASCEPT.

1. A two to four page (A4) summary describing the candidate’s major research achievements and its significance.
2. A full curriculum vitae of the candidate.
3. The candidate’s list of refereed publications.

Meeting presentation

The recipient will be invited by the President of ASCEPT to deliver a special lecture during the Annual Scientific Meeting of ASCEPT in the year of the Award. Formal presentation of the award will be made to the recipient at the conclusion of this lecture.


1987Michael Rand
1988Denis WadeJames Parkinson – his life, his disease and its treatment
1989Richard Laverty
1990Mervyn Eadie
1991Geoffrey Bentley
1992Austin DoyleThe History of Antihypertensive drugs
1994J PatersonAsthma – a pharmacological perspective
1996Alan BouraControl of blood flow in the fetal circulation of the human placenta
1998Anthony SmithQuality Use of Medicines – where does pharmacology end?
2000Gillian ShenfieldThe many essential interfaces of clinical pharmacology
2002Paul SealeScience and physicianly practice – are they compatible?
2004Evan BeggIndividualising drugs and dose-the clinical pharmacologist’s calling or curse?
2006Ric Day
2008Stella O’DonnellThe search for anti-asthma drugs: from airway smooth muscle to inflammation
2010Felix Bochner
2012Kathie Knights

*Please note: The Australian Tax Office requires us to obtain an ABN from the recipient or 48.5% must be withheld and forward to the Tax Office.


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