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Michael Rand Medal

At its meeting in December 1992, the Council of ASCEPT agreed to establish an award in the name of Professor Michael Rand, who retired from the Chair of Pharmacology at the University of Melbourne at the end of 1992, in recognition of his enormous contribution to Australian Pharmacology and to ASCEPT. The Rand Medal will be awarded to a member of ASCEPT whose research has made an outstanding contribution nationally and internationally to the disciplines of clinical or experimental pharmacology or toxicology. [eyesonly logged=”in”]The award will be given biennially and will consist of a medal and $1000*, or as determined by Council from time to time. The medal is awarded in each odd year.

Nomination requirements

Membership in ASCEPT is a prerequisite for nomination as a candidate. There are no restrictions on the institutional affiliation or age of a candidate. Candidates must be nominated and seconded by 2 ASCEPT members. An ASCEPT member may not nominate, or second, more than one candidate in a year.

Judgement criteria

The award is made on the basis of the quality of the candidate’s published work and a supporting statement from the nominators. These will be judged by a special Award Committee appointed by the Executive of ASCEPT.

1. A two to four page (A4) summary describing the candidate’s major research achievements and its significance.
2. A full curriculum vitae of the candidate.
3. The candidate’s list of refereed publications.

Meeting presentation

The recipient will be invited by the President of ASCEPT to deliver a special lecture during the Annual Scientific Meeting of ASCEPT in the year of the Award. Formal presentation of the award will be made to the recipient at the conclusion of this lecture.


1993Graham Johnston GABA eceptors – As Complex as ABC?
1995Susan Pond Illumination of Therapeutics by Toxicology
1997Bevan Jarrott Design and serendipity in the quest for novel neuroprotective drugs
1999Don Birkett Peripatetic paths in research: from biochemistry via drug metabolism to drug utilisation
2001John Miners The evolution of drug metabolism: Hitchhiking on the technology bandwagon
2003Roger Summers The Janus faces of adrenoceptors
2005Geoffrey Burnstock Purinergic Signalling’: history and therapeutic potential
2007Michael Roberts Seeking to Improve Therapeutic Outcomes Through Research
2009Phillip BeartDesign and Serendipity in Pursuit of Neuroprotection
2009Peter MacKenzieThe UDP Glycosyltransferases; a Versatile Defense Against Chemical Insult
2011Greggory DustingAdventures in Pharmacology: From prostaglandins to tissue engineering and a bionic eye
2013Arthur ChristopoulosReciprocal relationships: The role of ‘topography’ in drug discovery


*Please note: The Australian Tax Office requires us to obtain an ABN from the recipient or 48.5% must be withheld and forwarded to the Tax Office.


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