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Annual Renewals

Renewal notices are emailed to members in February. All members are requested to renew their membership by Friday 29 March 2013.

A person renewing their membership at anytime during the year will be liable to pay the full annual subscription for that year. All payments must be made in Australian dollars.

You will receive an invoice for renewal that will include the available payment options.

If you have an invoice to pay and want to pay by credit card please click here. Don’t have a renewal notice? Contact the secretariat to obtain one.

Annual Subscription Rates

The subscription year is January to December. The annual subscription fee shall be payable on the first day of March in each year.

Full Member
Australia and International AUD$200.00 (incl GST)
NZ NZD$200.00

Student Member
Australia and International AUD$82.50 (incl GST)
NZ NZD$82.50

Retired Member
Members of ASCEPT who have been members of the Society for more than ten years and who have retired from full time employment can apply for retired member status. Retired members of ASCEPT receive all the benefits of full members and can register for the Annual Scientific Meeting at the student rate. Retired members do not pay membership fees.

Membership Policy
The following sets out ASCEPT’s policy on Membership

Membership Policy 2013.pdf