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Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists

ASCEPT was founded in 1966, and held its first scientific meeting a year later. Since that time, ASCEPT has developed into the peak professional society devoted to advancing excellence in Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Toxicology in Australasia.


We promote advances in research, provide teaching & training and ensure that ASCEPT has a major role in advising government and other organisations on related matters. You can also benefit from discounted rates and networking opportunities.


Joint Conference 


29 November – 2 December 2022


ASCEPT members have many diverse interests and so have formed Special Interest Groups to acknowledge these strengths, to enhance the cohesion of the Society and to promote and advance the study and application of pharmacology and toxicology in its broadest context.

ASCEPT recent articles and events

Latest News

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National Medication Safety Symposium

We are very pleased to invite you to attend the National Medication Safety Symposium on 21 September 2022 at …

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19th World Congress of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology 2023

2 – 7 July 2023, Glasgow, Scotland. In 2023, the global pharmacology and therapeutics community will unite …

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Call for symposia proposals

Submission is now open for symposia proposals to be presented at the APSA-ASCEPT 2022 Joint Conference to …

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Special Interest Groups

Supporting Member Collaboration

ASCEPT members have many diverse interests and so have formed Special Interest Groups to acknowledge these strengths, to enhance the cohesion of the Society and to promote and advance the study and application of pharmacology and toxicology in its broadest context. Currently, there are SIGs in the following areas.


The Cardiovascular SIG (formed in 2008) aims to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas across all areas of cardiovascular research.

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Clinical Pharmacology

Clinical Pharmacology involves all aspects of safe, effective and rational use of medicines in humans (individual, group, or population levels).

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Drug Discovery

This forum provides an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and sharing of issues of concern. Please use it to ask questions, highlight initiatives or events, or propose ideas for future Forum events.

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Drug Disposition and Response

Drug Disposition and Response involves the distribution, metabolism and excretion of drug and the relationship between drug concentrations and effects..

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Education Forum

A conduit for the sharing of ideas and resources between those involved in pharmacology education, with the overall aim of ensuring that all students of pharmacology receive a quality education that prepares them for their future careers.

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The Urogenital/Gastrointestinal SIG promotes research in the field of urogenital and gastrointestinal pharmacology and disseminate findings to Australian researchers while encouraging early career researchers with opportunities to present their work.

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Innovation and Industry

The Innovation and Industry SIG is open to all experimental through to clinical pharmacologists and toxicologists, as well as those from industry in its broadest sense, who have an interest and/or role in moving innovations along the pathway towards generating medical products or services to benefit patients.

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The Neuropharmacology and behavioural SIG is interested in how drugs affect cellular activity within the nervous system and how this influences behaviour.

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New Zealand Forum

To provide an annual forum to promote and disseminate pharmacology & toxicology research, clinical practice and education within New Zealand and beyond.

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The role of the Pharmacoepidemiology SIG is to promote and support pharmacoepidemiological research and collaboration within ASCEPT members.

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The Pharmacogenomics SIG addresses molecular mechanisms, clinical impact and public health implications of genomics affecting drug response and adverse effects.

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Respiratory and Inflammation

The Respiratory & Inflammation SIG aims to facilitate cutting edge research in the areas of respiratory and inflammatory diseases.

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Open to all who have an interest in toxicology. Including but not limited to drugs, medicines and consumer product toxicity, pesticides and agrichemicals, nanomaterials, occupational chemicals and industrial pollutants, naturally occurring toxic chemicals and poisons, poisoning management and clinical toxicity.

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