ASCEPT Fellows

Professor Evan Begg

Professor John Miners

Professor Nick Holford

Professor Mary Collins (Chebib)

Professor Graham Johnston

Professor Kathie Knights

Emeritus Professor Felix Bochner

Emeritus Professor Andrew Somogyi

Fellow Member

This new class of membership is only available to existing ordinary members, life members or retired members. Further, to be a fellow member, the person must:

(a) have been a member of ASCEPT for more than 5 years;

(b) have made a significant contribution to ASCEPT or have provided distinguished service to ASCEPT; and

(c) have provided distinguished service to the advancement of pharmacology and toxicology research and/or education and/or outreach.

To be a fellow member, the person must be nominated for this position and be recommended by a majority of the fellow membership committee.

The fellow membership committee is established under clause 47 of the constitution. The committee will include the president, and either the president-elect or the immediate past president (whoever is on the board at the time), and three fellow members or former presidents of ASCEPT.

Only two fellow members will be allowed to be admitted each year to ASCEPT.

Nominations for fellowship will be called for via newsletter.

Click here for nomination form and guidelines.

Life Fellow Member

The new membership class is open to a fellow member who has retired, or is still working but has reached the age of 65.

To be a fellow member, the person must be recommended by the board and approved by a majority of members at an annual general meeting.

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